MAYDAY |Car air freshener UNITED

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You and the MAYDAY vibe in one cabin? Now it's possible!

Introducing the jubilee collection of car fragrances, choose one of two exceptional scents: RAVE and UNITED. Hang the air freshener on your mirror and hit the road!


Dynamic, fresh, energizing, giving an impulse to collective movement and dancing on the dance floor. A sensory stimulant, which, associated with pure energy, promotes integration and building interpersonal bonds. Refreshing, decisive, fresh scent.

MAYDAY Air Freshener:

▪️ Made of specialized absorbent bleached cellulose,

▪️ Very high-quality print,

▪️ Offset printing,

▪️ Soaked in 2ml of fragrance composition.

▪️ Packed in barrier foil

▪️ Attached to a flexible elastic band


Open the bag and pull out the air freshener by 1cm per week.

Hang freely away from surfaces.

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